As a Somatic practicioner and movement analyst, educated in Laban/Bartenieff movement analysis and Somatic practice, Karolin does now facilitate sessions in Somatic practice and Experiential anatomy. There are possibilities of both group and private sessions in somatic practice and teaches technique for dancers with a somatic approach.





At Skövde Konstmuseum 17/1-10/3

Vernissage 18-19 17/10


Is an artistic research project that is discussing Chronic fatigue syndrom, something that is growing to become a common state of our surroundings.


The project takes form as a performance, film, filminstallation and open up for discussions through talks and workshops.

8/3 at 10.00-12.00


Welcome to participate in a a Workshop in somatic practice for those who have experience i Chronic fatigue syndrom.

The workshop adapt to the participants and one can chose level of engagement depending on where you are at that day.


Place: Skövde konstmusseum

Book through email: info@karolinkent.se




Is a project with an artitstic and social pedagogic direction, in collaboration with Hannah Tolf. They direct workshops in movement and voice and put up site-specific performances with voice, movement and installational art. Coming up workshop and performance at le Hourc residency Pyrenees, France.




Karolin conducts workshops in improvisation, composition, somatic practise, released based technique and yoga. Contact to invite her to organise a workshop.





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