KAROLIN KENT is an interdisciplinary artist and Somatic movement practitioner with the focus on movement and visual art. The image is explored both in live and digital form questioning the medium of visual art. Her work aims to provoke the creative mind & engages ones emotional, intellectual & physical being. By crossing art forms her work can be recognized as visual art, dance, performance and sculpture.  Choreographic methodologies are based around improvisation and is motivated through research within humanitarian, environmental and political matters.

After graduating, with a BA in Dance Theatre at Laban (London 2011), Karolin has presented work within performance, film and photography in Europe, India, Thailand and Mexico. As an independent artist she collaborates with various partners nationally and internationally.

Furthermore, Karolin is looking to integrate arts in different social contexts such as public spaces, education and therapeutic work, where she focus on marginalized people. This kind of work she initiated in India and Sweden. She recently wrote an article about contemporary dance in social context supported by Kedja and the project Writing movement, which draws from the experience of working with Kolkata Sanved, India. The article has been published in an Estonian and Finnish journal. Moreover she has tought workshops in Sweden, India, Sri lanke and Indonesia.

Karolin is active in different constellation focusing on Sibiri, a collaborative work with Hannah Tolf, and Norður, collaboration with Sarah Armstrong. Most recently finished an educational program in Somatic movement practice and movement analysis in Zagreb that is led by Laban international, US.

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