Nutidens Epidemi



Is an ongoing research project that is discussing Chronic Fatigue Syndrom which is a diagnos that is growing to become a common state of our surroundings. This is a bigger research project which takes form as a performance, film, filminstallation and open up for discussions through talks and workshops. Furthermore it ask the question of responsibility of the individual, the collective and the society.



It is a collaborative project with

Filmmaker - Donovan von Martens

Costume and setdesigner - Linnea Bågander

Projectcoordinator - Henrik Sputnes

Artistic director and performance - Karolin Kent.


The work is in research and are looking to premier april 2018.


Work in progress performance, screening and lecture in Zagreb 10/11 and 11/11 at Improspekcije Zagreb






Exhausted of trying to be who you are.

Simultaneously the victim and perpetrator.

As ones own parasite.



A film that portrays the dorsal state of the increasingly common symptom of Chronic fatigue/ depression.


This film is now a finished 5 and 10 min work for single screen. Next year the material will take a different form as a three dimensional filminstallation with multiple screens.



In collaboration with Donovan von Martens - cinematography & editing.



Supported by Göteborg stad kulturnämnd & Region Halland




Performance work INSIDE/OUTSIDE


A work that research the inner and outer in relation to ourselves, our surroundings and the society.

It raises the question of how to balance and manage the inner and outer to create a sustainable way of being and relating to ones environment.



Our biggest organ, Skin, is simultaneously communicating with the inside and the outside. It sends signals to our nervous system about our surroundings and potential threats. Skin is an important element of the work and is used as a form of installation as an extension of the body. It acts as a partner, support, resistance and it also bridges to the outside and interaction with other.


In collaboration with costume and set designer Linnea Bågander


Supported by Region Halland

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