2018 Nutidens epidemi 12-20 May at Järnhallen- Ringöns konsthall, Gothenburg Sweden.

2018 INSIDE/OUTSIDE work in progress at a conference at Borås textilhögskola, Sweden.


2017 INSIDE/OUTSIDE will be screened at Improspekcije, Zagreb Croatia.

2017 INSIDE/OUTSIDE- work in progress at a conference at Borås textilhögskola, Sweden.

2017 INSIDE/OUTSIDE- work in progress in collaboration with Linnea Bågander at Rum för dans, Sweden

2016 DET OUTTALADE, Koreograf i samarbete med Saba Bereket Persson och Dansara Mpululu Ntuve, Frölunda Kulturhus.

2016 SIBIRI Hotel Adyton Gothenburg, Sweden.

2016 Nordic recreation presentation at Atalante Gothenburg, Sweden


2016 Work in process performance at Falkhallen Falkenberg.

2015 Norður at Vitlycke center for performing arts Tanumshede, at Gothenburg International art beinnal.

2015 SIBIRI Gothenburg, Sweden

2015 A part Collaboration with Gustav Lejelind at Stora teatern Gothenburg, Sweden

2015 VERSUS at Lokstallet, Strömstad, Sweden.

2015 UNFURL 3e våningen, Gothenburg, Sweden.

2014 SIBIRI Villa överås Gothenburg, Sweden.

2014 Krumt- Not quite.

2014 Vit Gestalt- Gothenburg. In collaboration with Acéphale Naïvité.

2014 Krumt- Strömstad Performance festival.

2014 Vit Gestalt- Pernu Fringet.

2014 Versus at Stamsund Internasjonale Teaterfestival, Lofoten.

2014 Melting Forming - a collaboration with Black Dough, at Artisten Gothenburg.

2014 protozoa- Scenkonstguiden, Röda sten Gothenburg.

2014 Krumt- Collaboration with Anna Bergström- premier at Atalante Sweden May.

2014 Soil collectors- instant improvisation with Soil collectors, Halmstad stadsbibliotek. 

2014 Versus- Collabaration with Hilda Fürst & Tami Tamaki, Atalante.

2013 What weigh us down- Collaboration with Sarah Armstrong - Dimange Rouge, EMMA Espoo Museum of modern art, Finland.

2013 protozoa- Performance installation – Götaplatsen Gothenburg during Kulturnatta.

2013 MOVE - Collaboration with Sonia Boyce Visual artist (UK). Screen work presented - Gothenburg biennial of contemporary art.

2013 Vit Gestalt - Sopot fringe festival, Poland.

2013 Tolf/Kent a collaboration with vocalist Hannah Tolf - Palmhuset Trädgårdsföreningen Gothenburg, Sweden.

2013 A part, Collaboration with Gustav Lejelind. - Gothenburg, Sweden.

2013 Konn an artistic collaboration with Meher Awachri (Tunia), visual artist Ken Furudate (Japan) & musician Malika Makouf Rasmussen (Norway).

2012 Untitled performance & visual art piece in collaboration with Rakesh Mps - Chiang Mai, Thailand.

2012 Vit gestalt, performance installation- Halmstad Gatuteaterfestival, Stockholm Fringe festival, Dansmaskinen, Kulturnatta Gothenburg, Sweden.

2012 Ferus a collaboration with costume designer Hilda Fürst & sound artist Tom Wennerberg, - 3e våningen Gothenburg, Sweden.

2012 Leitan- Solo-performance. Sculptors Bobby Laishram & B.Banamali Sharma, visuals Chaoba Thiyam, - SACH- Sharma, Manipur, India.

2012 Prologue-Structured group-improvisation, artistic director Karolin Kent. Performed - SACH- Sharma Arts & Craft House, Manipur, India.

2012 Stillness in motion, motion is stillness –Collaboration with Surjit Nongmeikapa -  SACH- Sharma Arts & Craft House, Manipur, India.

2011 Dualistic Echoes - Live-art installation dancer Sarah Armstrong - London and Neu/Now online festival in Estonia.

2011 Ynygordna - Choreographer Karolin Kent, Performer James Pett Sound: Karolin Kent and Russell Bond

2011 Chaos_Equilibrium- Collaboration with composer Manu Delago, - Greenwich International String Quartet Festival, National Maritime Museum.

2011 external observation - a durational installation performed - Shunt, London.

2010 Off the map- Collaboration with composer Manu Delago. - Bonnie Bird Theatre, London. 

2009 Copernicus music festival- Collaboration with dancer and choreographer Franziska Scherner. Performed - Black Heath Halls. London.


2018 MO(R)D– Choreographer Benedikte Espiri. Gothenburg, Sweden

2016 MOD by choreographer Benedikte Espiri- Atalante, Gothenburg Sweden.

2014 Revisiting Rubicon - Choreographer Marika Hedemyr at seminar of memory & archives in Gothenburg Sweden.

2014 Sömngångare– Theatre Trixter, Gothenburg Sweden.

2013 Drömfångare – Theatre Trixter, Gothenburg Sweden.

2013 Henrys dream- Performance and Music festival, Copenhagen Denmark.

2012 No borders - choreographer Vangelis Legakis, improvisation based performance - The collage of dramatics art, Chiang mai Thailand.

2012 Utrycksförtryck - choreographer: Simon Kriisin, performers: Simon Kriisin, Karolin Kent, Amanda Billberg, Teatermaskinen, Sweden.

2011 Traces - Choreographed by Christina Brøndsholm Andersen - Resolutions, The place, London. 

2011 15 happenings in 3 parts - by Choreography Rosmary Butcher & Henrietta Haile - Wapping gallery, London.

2011 December 1952- by Lizzy Kew Ross,  Move Choreographing you - Southbank Center, London.

2011 I´m thinking of you By Franko B - The Nunnery, London.

2010 Re-creation of Die Nacht(1927) by Rudolf Laban, Artistic Director Ali Curtis-Jones, Researcher & Style Supervisor Dr. Valerie Preston-Dunlop, London.

2009 Up the line memorial event for the resolution of World War. Choreographer- Karen’ Or Petard. Ladywell Cemetery, Brockley, London.

2009 A solo project of Choreographer-Kyle Stevens, - Studio theatre, Laban, London.


2018 The was against oneself Swedish Screendancefestival dansmuseeet, Sweden.

2017 The was against oneself Screened in Stockholm Screendancefestival, Zita folkets bio, Sweden.

2017 The was against oneself Improspekcije, Zagreb Croatia.

2017 The was against oneself Tiny Festival Teater Trixter Gothenburg Sweden,

2016 Norður Screened in Stockholm Screendancefestival, Zita folkets bio, Sweden.

2016 Norður Screen project - Fiver International Screendance Movement, Spain.

2016 Norður Film release at Huset, Copenhagen.

2016 Norður Screened in Swedish Screendancefestival dansmuseeet, Sweden.

2015 Norður screen project at Vitlycke centre for performing art.

2015 Womb at Taiwan Digital Art and Information Center.

2014 Womb at Nokodek festival, Spain.

2013 Vit gestalt (Screen-project) screened at FIVU Uruguai international video danza festival.

2013 Vit Gestalt (Screen-project) screened at LAPSody Conference Helsinki Finland.

2012 I am in current motion (Screen-project) Nikon film festival I am in motion.

2012 Vit Gestalt (Screen-project) presented at International video dance Festival of Burgundy,

2012 SACH- Sharma Arts & Craft House, Manipur, India.

2012 Vit Gestalt (Screen-project) Eject 4 International festival of video performance, Mexico.

2012 Vit Gestalt (Screen-project) InShadow international festival video, performance & technologies, Portugal

2012 Vit Gestalt (Screen-project) En route film festival, USA.

2012 Meld (photogragraphy) Published in Studentszine Vol.2.issue 1 at

2012 Strophia (photographraphy) Published in Studentszine Vol.2.issue 1 at

2012 Womb, (Screen-project) collaboration with filmmaker Chaoba Thiyam, at Living tree foundation Manipur, India.

2011 Photographic Documentation of Yellow line project facilitated by Gati dance and Liz Aggiss in New Delhi, India. 

2010 When my thoughts take form (Screen-project) in collaboration with Sarah Armstrong.

2009-2013 Documentations of choreographic work  by Efrosini Protopapa, Colin Poole and Kerry Nicholls, Frauke Requardt, Rosemary Butcher,

Martin Nachbar, Lucy Guerin, Melanie Teall. Spinn Dance company, Anna Bergström & Gati dance, India.

Published at Southbank center, Laban website and tour, What now festival at Siobhan Davies studios, England, New/ Now Festival,

Estonia, further publications in newspapers and festival events in Sweden, India, Belgium, and England.


2017 Workshop in Experiential anatomy into technique at Ballet Academy Professional dance education, Gothenburg, Sweden.

2017 Workshops series in Samatic practice at Gröna gatan, for adults with mental unhealth. Falkenberg,Sweden

2016 Workshop leader at Dramalogen, Halmstad, Sweden.

2016 Workshop leader at a Stafsinge HVB, Falkenberg, Sweden.

2916 Workshopleader with vocalist Hannah Tolf at Välkomsten, Gothenburg Sweden.

2016 Workshopleader at Stafsinge HVB, Stafsinge, Sweden.

2015 Workshop leader for Pelita foundation at Gerupuk, Lombok, Indonesia.

2014 Daily practice for profesional dancers at Danscentrum väst Gothenburg, Sweden.

2013 Daily practice for profesional dancers at Danscentrum väst Gothenburg, Sweden.

2013 Workshop leader for a community based project engaging marginalized people in arts, Kungsbacka, Sweden.

2013 Dance teacher at Särvux for a group with different abilities, Gothenburg.

2012 Yoga instructor, self organized Onsala , Sweden

2012 Assistant teacher for a group with autism at Mölndals kulturskola, Sweden.

2012 Workshop leader at the University-Dance department in Imphal, India.

2012 Workshop leader at Huyen Lallong Manipur Thang-ta Association & Art of Living in Imphal, India. 

2012 Dance teacher & Rehearsal supervisor for Kolkata Sanveds' performance company’s London tour at Sadlers Wells, India

2012 Movement therapy sessions for HIV and trafficking victims with, India

2011 Teacher at Mölndals kulturskola within the age group of 6-15, Sweden

2011 Teacher at Mölndals city dansstudio, Sweden

2006-2008 Teaching dance within the age group of 7-20 years, Medborgarskolan, Sweden. 


2011- ongoing - Running own projects and collborations.


2014 Leading cast in The blood of Alia.

2013- ongoing. Portrayed in Petra Revenue film Motiv. screened in Sweden and internationally.


2018 Skogen, Gothenburg Sweden.

2017 Residency at Falkhallen, Rum för dans. Sweden.

2017 Residency at Kunsbacka teater, Sweden.

2016 Residency La Escuelita Nicaragua.

2015 Production residency at Slaturhúsið Iceland. August 2015.

2015 Research residency at Vitlycke center of performing arts, Sweden. July 2015.

2015 Research residency at Baguette Bleu and Grange Foraine in France, April. 

2014 Atalante residency in apartment. A collaboration with Anna Bergström.

2014 Atalante New choreography.

2013 Kungsbacka Theatre supported by Rum för dans och regi, Region Halland.

2013 Maison des artes, Tunis, Tunisia, an international collaboration.

2012 Kungsbacka Theatre, Sweden, Supported by Rum för dans, Region Halland, Kungsbacka theater & Gothenburg city.


2014 Saving lives through dance- supported by Kedja writing movement published at Finnish culture magazine Mustekala.

2014 Saving lives through dance- supported by Kedja writing movement upcoming publishing in Müürileht, Estonia.


2017- Valand Academy – Public art practice. Gothenburg Sweden.

2016- 2017 Laban/Bartenieff Somatic studies International. By Janet Kaylo, Charlotte Darbyshire.

2015 Blomberg rhythmic movement training module 1, by Kristina Hedberg, Move and Mind, Gothenburg.

2013-2014 Mentorship by Cecilia Suhaid Gustafsson

2012 Teachers training in Yogic and Ayurvedic practice at Pushkar yoga garden, India

2008- 2011 Trinity Laban - Conservatory of contemporary dance – London - BA (HONS) Dance Theatre,

2010- 2011 mentorship in performance photography by Tony Nandi, Merlin Hendi and Marian Alonso.

2010 Intensive teaching course, Trinity Laban.

2010 Basic course of film–making and editing of digital film related to dance.

2004-2005 SLR photography & delelopment in black and white. Aranäsgymnasiet, Kungsbacka, Sweden.


2018 Scholarship, Region Halland, Sweden

1017 Production support Region Halland, Sweden

2017 Production support Göteborgs stad, Sweden

2017 Production support Region Halland, Sweden

2016 Travelsupport Swedish arts grants committee, Sweden

2016 Travelsupport Region Halland, Sweden

2015 Mobility fund- Kulturkontakt nord, Nordic countries

2014 Production support Gothenburg City culture department, Sweden

2014 Frispel- Västra Götalands regionen, Sweden

2014 Production support Region Halland, Sweden

2014 Frispel- Västra Götalands regionen, Sweden

2014 Mobility fund- Kulturkontakt nord, Nordic countries

2013 Danscentrum väst - Premiär paketet, Sweden

2013 Production support PRONTO Gothenburg City culture department, Sweden

2013 Production support Region Halland, Sweden

2013 International culture exchange - Swedish arts grants committee, Sweden

2012 Stoff (Stockholm fringe fest) Sopot Fringe Festival Award, Sweden

2012 Production support Region Halland, Sweden

2012 Production support PRONTO Gothenburg City culture department, Sweden

2011 Studentszine contemporary Visual & Sonic art publications, Ireland

2010 Anders Sandrews Stiftelse, Sweden

2008 Västsvenska kulturfonden, capacity development, Sweden

2008 The foundation of Gertrude and Ivar Philipson, Sweden

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