An external part dictates movement upon someone else’s body without empathy or consideration. The dictator suppresses individuality and decision making, whilst the dictated figure loses control over itself, its’ actions and life. Eliminating humanity and creating another working- instrument, objectifying the human body and adds to materialism. What are the circumstances when exposing and being exposed to this scenario? What reactions emerge? This performance is created in the present moment, shaped by the sculpture and the reactions of the dictated figure.

Investigating in the notion of live sculpture of human body. This research takes form in other work of mine such as Stillness is motion & Vit gestalt.

Performed at SACH- Sharma Arts & Craft House, Manipur, India April 2012.

Idea, concept & performer: Karolin Kent.

Sculptors: Bobby Laishram & B. Banamali Sharma.

Visuals: Chaoba Thiyam, SHIYOM production, & Barun Thokshom