With education and experience as a Dancer, Choreographer, Somatic movement practicioner/Movement Analyst and Yoga teacher, Kent is conducting workshops and private sessions in:

Somatic movement practice & Movement Analysis,

Experiential Anatomy


Choreographic composition

Released based technique

Creative exploration 


Formats and combinations can be discussed Contact for specific details. 

Photo: Donovan von Martens


In Somatic movement practice, we explore the body and its basic movement patterns. We try to help the body to break less supportive habitual patterns to establish new ones. The new habits can help us to find efficiency in our movements and support us in everyday life and in physical activities. We explore our anatomy in a slow movement improvisation, both individually and in pairs. The individual takes responsibility for what it is capable of and the practice is therefore suitable for all ages, body and if you have any injury, disability or illness. Somatic movement practice increases awareness of the body as a whole and balances the inner and the outer.

GROUP SESSIONS are available for bigger or smaller groups. Bring together friends, colleagues or offer the practice to your employees or students.

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INDIVIDUAL SESSION are available for you to give time for yourself and your needs.

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In the technique class we will move through a release based class with elements of improvisation. We are looking to find efficiency in movement and contact with the floor. Karolin takes inspiration from various forms of somatic work, release based techniques and forms a class that emphasises each individuals own movement qualities and challenge them to find support in a dynamic movement vocabulary.


Is a workshop that uses the arts as a tool for integration, and practice skills of communication, collaboration, body awareness, to build self-confidence and finding ones creative expression.

We explore different art forms with the starting point in movement and vocal improvisation. Theatre and visual art exercises will also be integrated depending on the workshop's length and needs of the participants. Improvisation is a red thread as it is the main working method.

The workshop is tailored to the group and is accessible to people with various physical, psychological and social variations, and different ages. There is no need of prior knowledge to participate as the aim is to find individual expression.

The exploration is prioritised rather than a final product. We create a place where you can drop performance requirements and find oneself in a social and creative context.


Is a collaboration with Hannah Tolf (vocalist). Together they conduct a workshop with similar framework as 'Creative exploration' mentioned above. Also here the starting point is in movement and vocal improvisation but this time there will be more equal wiegh in both mediums allowing to dig deeper into each. This workshop could be tailored for professionals and amatures with or without experience. Contact for more details.

Photo: Surjit Nongmeikapam