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Pilot - The war against oneself.

Exhausted of trying to be who you are.

Simultaneously the victim and perpetrator.

As ones own parasite.

A film that portrays one state of the increasingly common symptom of chronic fatigue syndrome.

Karolin Kent - idéa, concept & performance

Donovan von Martens - cinematography & editing

Supported by Göteborg stad kulturnämnd & Region Halland


"To take the path of breaking with everything is the only worthwhile end. Even if it is hopeless." unknown

A nordic collaboration that is currently touring in screendance festivals.

Choreographers: Sarah Armstrong (DK) & Karolin Kent (SE)

Cinomatographer: Baijie Curdt-Christiansen (DK)

Sound: Tami Tamaki (SE)

Costume designe:r Valeriya Olkhovas (DK)

VIT GESTALT has been presented in numerous festivals and countries since 2011.

Upcoming screening 5-6  March 2014 at Screendance Africa during

Dance Umbrella Johannesburg.

Idea & concept, Performer, Sound, Edit by: Karolin Kent

Photo: David Bertilsson & Fabian Brandt

WOMB is a creative space to unfurl the freedom to breath and to move. The movement of the naked body mirrors the stillness of being alive permeating into the empirical world.

Nachom Acd & Giving tree foundation Presents 'Womb' Shiyom productions

Editor: Chaoba Thyiam

Performer & choreographer: Karolin Kent

Cinematography: Saikhom Ratan

Music: Chaoba Thiyam

Sound design: Sapam Shankar

Mix: Sunil Loitongbam

A portrait of first minutes of a life.

By: Karolin Kent

Khori India