It is impossible to be everything we are supposed to be and to do everything and when we try- the failure we are doomed to is neither interesting nor enjoyable. To look hopelessness in the face, one comes to a real choice, maybe even the only choice that really matters; wallow in despair or dare the leap for a vastly different life. To take the path of breaking with everything is the only worthwhile end, even if it is hopeless.

Who else is out there?


Norður is a dance film and live dance installation that explores the outer and inner landscapes of our being and comments on the political and emotional failures of todays culture.

The live performance can be set in both a gallery space and a black box. The work is 60 minutes. The dance film is 08.34 minutes. 

Norður is a Nordic cross-disciplinary collaboration between choreographers, dance filmmakers and performance artists Karolin Kent (SE) and Sarah Armstrong (DK), filmmaker and photographer Baijie Curdt-Christiansen (DK), sound artist Tami Tamaki (SE), costume designer Valeriya Olkhovas (DK). Produced by GoldDigger productions.

The project is a deveopment of the work What weigh us down. Norður will result in a live performance and a screen work that can coexist or be presented seperately.

Supported by Västra Götalands Regionen, Göteborgs Dans & Teater Festival, Kulturkontakt nord, Lokstallet, MMF, Vitlycke - Center for Performing Arts and Kultur i Väst.