Nutidens Epidemi


- An exhibition about the body as a way to a reconciled tiredness

Today we live in an achievement-oriented society where stress, anxiety and melancholia are normal rather than an exception. Too much positivity in the forms of overproduction, over-achievement and over-communication has created imbalances in us and our societies. The requirement to constantly be available for different kinds of performance lead to depression and burn-out. In Nutidens Epidemi Karolin Kent, together with the visitors, seeks to try out formats and methods for a reconciling tiredness.

The contemporary dancer Karolin Kent explores new aesthetic forms of expression in the intersection between visual art, performance, somatic practice and textile architecture, in close collaboration with the costume designer Linnea Bågander and the filmmaker Donovan Von Martens. With the support of the Arts Council, Västra Götaland region, Region Halland and Gothenburg city.



Inside / Outside is a large-scale and enclosing textile sculpture created by Linnéa Bågander in close collaboration with Karolin Kent. As an embodiment of internal and external phenomena, the interactive sculpture acts as a second skin that allows the visitor to experience how different functions in their own body are connected. How our bodies are simultaneously unique and intertwined with other bodies.

Inside / Outside offers the body various variations of being; rest, play, contemplation and coexistence.

As a visitor you can choose between being passive viewer or active participant, however, we encourage you to experience the works from within by entering the forms to get the best experience of the works. What you do or do not do inside the forms is entirely up to you.


The war against oneself is an interactive video installation and tactile experience that seeks to depict chronic fatigue syndrome and the loneliness of apathy. Experiences of what is neither inside nor outside the individual and the trauma that arises from being on this non-site. How the mental as physical pain forms a foreign body in our experience. The war against oneself has been developed in close collaboration between Karolin Kent, Linnéa Bågander and Donovan von Martens


Somatic experience as a methodology is an exploratory practice based on Karolin Kent's somatic work. Through somatic sessions and conversations, the practice aims to create essential conditions for bodily (self) awareness, raise the value of bodily knowledge, and create spaces for various forms of being. The other works of Nutidens epidemi have their basis in the mentioned exploratory somatic work.

It is a collaborative project with


Filmmaker - Donovan von Martens

Costume and setdesigner - Linnea Bågander 

Projectcoordinator - Henrik Sputnes

Artistic director and performance - Karolin Kent.

The project is supported by Konstnärsnämnden, Göteborgs stad, Västra götalands regionen & Region Halland.

Dokumentation from The war against oneself and Inside/Outside. Mixed footage from various exhibitions.


The work has been taking different forms during the process. Here you can view some visuals of the process


- A short film

Exhausted of trying to be who you are.

Simultaneously the victim and perpetrator.

As ones own parasite.

A film that portrays the dorsal state of the increasingly common symptom of Chronic fatigue/ depression.

This film is now a finished 5 and 10 min work for single screen. It is currently being developed into a three dimensional filminstallation with multiple screens.

In collaboration with Donovan von Martens - cinematography, editing & photo.

Supported by Göteborg stad kulturnämnd & Region Halland

At right: Pilot film for a 10 min film.


Performance work INSIDE/OUTSIDE

A work that research the inner and outer in relation to ourselves, our surroundings and the society.

It raises the question of how to balance and manage the inner and outer to create a sustainable way of being and relating to ones environment. 

Our biggest organ, Skin, is simultaneously communicating with the inside and the outside. It sends  signals to our nervous system about our surroundings and potential threats. Skin is an important element of the work and is used as a form of installation as an extension of the body. It acts as a partner, support, resistance and it also bridges to the outside and interaction with other.

In collaboration with costume and set designer Linnea Bågander

Photo: Jan Berg & Tor Palm

Supported by Region Halland