Photo: Hilda Fürst


Artificial against organic.

Wildly against tame

Control against the dynamic



An encounter that evokes thoughts around existence and value.

VERSUS is an interdisciplinary work of art and artistic collaboration between Karolin Kent, Tami Tamaki and Hilda Furst. The collaboration started September 2012 with Ferus that developed further through Versus 2013/2014. The artists influence each other's work where sound, image, form and movement meet as one entity that crosses artistic genres.


Tami Tamaki -  musician / sound artist who focuses on exploring new ways of delivering electronic music in live situations. By using digital technology Tami discovers tones and sounds that mainly originated from the voice, but in real-time it is processed beyond recognition.


Hilda Fürst - sculpture and installation artist from Gothenburg.  She has her base and main starting point in textile. Hilda moves in the borderland between the real and the staged where she builds worlds to be surrounded by and figures to assume, often from a performative perspective.


• 1 hour durational installation where the performer Karolin Kent takes part alone with the textile installation. The performance space can be malleable, both indoors and outdoors. Depending on the space it can be performed with or without a soundscape. (This version could also be available with Tami Tamaki, limited availability).

• 45 minutes stage performance where Karolin Kent and Tami Tamaki performs live. Also this version can be presented in an alternative space. However it has limited availability. Contact for details.

Technical details are sent upon request.

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Supported by Kultur i Halland and Kungsbacka Teater, Göteborgs stad, Atalante and Danscentrum väst.